A Lone Wolf

Ali Raza
3 min readFeb 12, 2020


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Once there lived a young boy in a small town named Xavier. The boy had no friends. He used to go in the street and get bullied all the time. Street boys would get together call him names.
Xavier was a sweet kid. A kid who would never worry much about anything. The only thing he worried about was his parents being cruel to each their. He loved his mother. He loved spending time with his mother.

Life kept going. The boy was growing up hella fast. One thing that was really affecting the boy in a negative manner was his parents being much restrictive. His parents didn’t let him do things that he wanted to do. Things that could’ve actually helped him in grooming.

Xavier never had any toys, nor true friends. All this seemed OK in the beginning but over the course of time, all this developed some serious complexes and disorders in Xavier’s personality that he didn’t even know about at that time.
Things like depression, social anxiety, inferior complex were things that he didn’t know anything about.

Now, he lived in a country that was very religious on the surface. People didn’t believe in things like depression, anxiety and all this. No one could talk about it, why? because they would say that the only reason a person is depressed or sad is that he’s not following the religion. Alas!

As the boy became a teenager, his mother died. That’s where his destruction became visible. He would cry every night. He left taking interest in studies. Most importantly, he did whatever he wanted.

Xavier left college in the very beginning. Playing online games with strangers (who can’t see him and who can’t be seen by him) is what he did and what he did for several months. He loved it. He loved being in his own protective shell.

After a while, he developed some interests in the Internet stuff. He started working hard. He was still a procrastinator, a depressed and lonely boy but he worked a bit. Well, he started earning enough to live a life by himself.

Here comes the interesting part. People who never helped him accomplish his dreams are not expecting him to help them achieve theirs.
Xavier’s relationship with his dad was very complicated from the very beginning. His dad wouldn’t want to spend money on his education but still, he wanted him to succeed somehow.
Xavier’s dad never helped him to go out and do the stuff that he wanted to do. Instead, he restricted him from everything.
Now after everything his dad wants him to invest in the family and save money so they can all build a new house and live together happily.
What Xavier’s dad and everyone needs to realize is that stories like this one can’t have a happy ending. They are meant to be sad in the end.

People still call Xavier a virtual human who doesn’t have any physical friends. They still envy him. They still make him suffer from their words and their behaviour. The thing that really matters is that they know nothing about him. They know nothing about how much the boy suffered and is still suffering. They know nothing about his struggle with him. They know nothing about how badly he wants to do things that he liked once.

“But there was no need to be ashamed of tears, for tears bore witness that a man had the greatest of courage, the courage to suffer.”
Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning



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