Ali Raza
2 min readDec 23, 2023

Happy Birthday Ali!

From annoying your mother to making your bed first thing in the morning.

From being stubborn for the toys to losing interest in all the materialistic possessions.

From treading shallow waters to swimming in the wildest oceans, paving your way through the universe, making your own path.

From crying under the bed after seeing a mother die in a sad movie to actually seeing your mother die.

From repeatedly installing WindowsXP to actually working as a software dev.

From being afraid of the nights, the loneliness, the quiet, to actually craving solitude and thriving in the dark.

From not believing in love, playing around, to getting your heart broken.

You grew up, became a man…

Hospitals, graveyards, marriages, fights, and divorces…

Thunderstorms, cold cold nights, burning summers, and whatnot?

You have seen it all!

You've had to endure the greatest suffering called life.

Narcissistic, evil, and perverted people, you've dealt with them all.

And no, your life is not a sad story. It's so spontaneous and adventures. You have also had a hell lot of good days. You have put a genuine smile on their faces. That scar on your forehead tells a million stories about your wild adventurous childhood.

Those feelings you felt for different people were real. You have them all as memories, buried under that chest, don't you?

You've made it so far. I'm proud of you.

Keep thriving. Be the man you have always wanted to be. There are countless movies to watch, games to play, sunsets to watch, people to befriend, books to read, and things to be anxious about…

Ali Raza

Software developer // writer. Into philosophy, literature, and comp. science.