How to Focus and Achieve Ultimate Success

Ali Raza
3 min readMay 4, 2019
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Hey! How are you doing fellas?

Below are some of my thoughts, experiences, and learnings about achieving something or focusing on something in life. I hope you’ll like it. :)

I believe it’s the overall lifestyle which makes us able to focus on anything in our lives. Success doesn’t come overnight. It takes guts to take action. If you are even here, reading this post it means there is something within you which wants change.

In the past couple of months, I read about many productivity hacks, physiological writeups, and researches. Let me share some of the points which I learned and which really worked for me.

  • Keep track of your progress.
  • Do journaling, let your thoughts come out of your mind by writing it down on raw paper(google about morning pages).
  • Set long term goals but keep your focus at those problems which are currently in front of you.
  • Keep in mind that success doesn’t come overnight.
  • Keep in mind that there’s ain’t such thing like passion, anyone can build any passion!
  • Keep in mind that consistency beats talent, luck and even hard work. If you are consistent enough, you can achieve almost anything in life.
  • Keep in mind that people make a fool of you when they say things in their field are easier. Nothing is easy, those people who say things are easier don’t even realize that they’ve spent heck amount of time to just understand how everything works in the beginning.
  • Don’t rush for short outcomes, think about long term success.
  • Stay healthy, because being healthy is the best motivation ever. If you are staying in a five-star hotel and you wake up with a headache, you’ll feel like sh** doesn’t matter how much rich you are.
  • If you are afraid of doing something just do it, take risks.
  • Take a lot of small decisions on a daily basis, this way your overall skill of taking decisions will groom.
  • Keep in mind that it’s just the start which is difficult, in the end, you’ll realize that you end up achieving a lot because of just starting.
  • Set small and easy goals on daily bases if you are unable to achieve something. For example, if you think learning 1 hour daily will be good for you then set the goal to sit and just learn for 20 mins, this way it’ll feel easier and when you will be in the flow of doing something you can extend the time. Keep in mind that doing something for 20 mins daily is far better than doing it for a whole day in a week and skipping the other 6 days…
  • Give yourself a reward after achieving anything. It can be as small as chewing gum.
  • Most important than all, read! Just do it. Doesn’t matter if you do it for just 15 mins a day, just do it. Believe me, after some day reading will feel like watching a tv show to you. Just as a reference is the best place for readers as far as I know.

Note: Above rules are completely according to my own perspective. The results can differ from person to person. Just do experiments and see what works for you! Best of luck!



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