I Can’t Control It, Neither Can You!

You can do as you wish but you can’t wish as you wish.

Let me further demonstrate this with an example.
If I ask you to think about a movie and write its name. (literally do it right now) Now, there’s some level of free will when you think about a movie name right? Like, you would think about the movies that you’ve watched and told me one chosen name, it was your choice, or was it?
The thing is that you only chose from the movies that appeared in your conscious mind but what about all other movies that you’ve watched and you would’ve definitely chosen one of them, only if they’ve appeared in your mind? You’re not even in control of what movies to chose from! Then where’s the free will in it?



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Ali Raza

Ali Raza


A 20 years old self-taught programmer who loves writing about life. https://0xali.com