My thoughts are foggy and my words are kinda vague. I often think that I can't truly convert my thoughts into words.

Even though I did(indirectly) mentioned in the article that my opinions can be argued and not to be trusted but still lemme tell you that this whole article was pain converted into words. I have had a panic attack right before righting that article 😛. Now, not to be worried though, I think have won against my anxiety now ;).

Now coming to your comment, I think it's because childern can't do that much of critical thinking and they aren't completely developed in some aspects maybe that's why we also look after them.

They are just naturally fearless and live their lives to the fullest not worrying about the circumstances.

Most importantly, they never think about meaning of life or ask themselves why they're doing what they are doing, they just do what feels right.

In eastern philosophy they say life is like music, you don't ask yourself why you are doing (playing/listening) it, you don't need a reason to do it, you just do it. I think children truly live their lives like that and it is one heck of a perk they've got there. I'm kinda jealous of them now :p.

PS: Thank you, it matters a lot!



A 20 years old self-taught programmer who loves writing about life.

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