The Voice in Our Heads vs the Involuntary One

Ali Raza
2 min readOct 3, 2021

I usually get away with 20 minutes of mindfulness in the morning but today something different happened. While meditating I forgot about my body and the space I was in for a moment. This was the most peaceful I have ever been. That state of clarity was so deep that it stayed with me even after I was done meditating.

For the whole day, I mostly stayed aware of my thoughts, feelings, and senses. I realized that I was feeling guilty and hurting myself over something that’s not even bad but just portrayed as bad by people around me.

I read quite some medium articles related to social anxiety in recent times and learned that we shouldn’t suppress or sugar-coat our inner voice while talking with others. I noticed this happening with me and improved it right away.
But today when I stayed more mindful than I usually am, I realized that apart from the voice that comes in our minds as a thought and then gets converted into sound waves(our inner voice), there’s another voice that just comes out of our mouthes kinda involuntarily. I know it sounds crazy but try staying mindful while talking and you’ll get what I mean.
I guess that new type of voice I discovered is also like breathing, something that is beyond voluntary and involuntary. We can think that we control our breathing but the minute we indulge in some other activity we completely forget about it.

So the conclusion is that, when you’re calm and not anxious at all, the words either just come out of your mouth or knock at the door of your consciousness as a thought. You don’t get to choose about the first kind but the second kind is something you can be aware of and either act on or just ignore.
I have noticed that the words that come as thought are usually not important at all and should be ignored after being noticed.

Remember, the less you talk, the more you’ll get to listen, and the more you listen, the wiser you become!



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